Bike Citizens Pro

Hey everyone,
I usw Bike Citizens and would love to try the professional Version. I also habe a code for it. Still, they told me, it is still not possible to usw it, if you don’t usw the APP store. Do you know, if there is any possibility?
Thank you!

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Hi. If you have a device running /e/OS in v.1.0, you could give it a try. With /e/'s new app store (App Launcher) you can install apps purchased via Google Play.

Okay. Still, I’m not using V1, AS I’m using an S9, I’m not sure, if it was a food idea. Using Aurora is not the same thing as Play?

We are talking about Bike Citizens – as in

In a quick look, this app has a rather novel upgrade route to Pro.

I did not find Pro listed in App Longue.

The devs say that they welcome feedback:

I do notice however that this app is highly over networked – it may well rely on Google.

You might check out OpenTracks (when testing, if you require the full map, be careful to install the online or offline map “dashboard” to suit your needs).