Black box App not functioning as required


Im having difficulties using an app called quote me happy connect.

I know its an odd app to have on a privacy focused os but something i have to have for my insurance.

There is a device in my car that you pair using the app with bluetooth then the phone uses location data to give a score for the trip.

Location seems to work as the map inside the app shows my correct location.

However no trips are being recorded. The location of my car is the last place i drove using my old phone.

Any suggestions on why this wouldnt work would be appreciated

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Can you tell for sure that the Bluetooth connection the the “device” in the car has succeeded ?

I did a little research; I noticed the app does not connect to the black box itself but to a “device”:

Are you able to fully apply the permissions ?

No way of telling for sure but a notification pops up only when im in my car saying potential trip detected I woiuld assume it is seeing the device before showing ready for a journey.

On my old phone this was the issue but I could see the device connected in the bluetooth settings

I guess I would be wanting to know if the “device” actually has the capacity to “forget” the old phone and actually pair with the new phone. I might ask this of the support team if I could not confirm that I see the “device” connected in the bluetooth settings.

Very good point there support is terrible when they get back to me ill metion that