Black screen, don't start

Thanks for the thought!

The issue of access is governed by this

It was just a thought, to try to learn a little more!

I hope all continues to go well with your phone!

Well, I would like to send you the log, if there is a way to do so (Mail or else ?).

Meanwhile I wrote this description:

I have finally been able to resolve an apparently hopeless situation where all I had was a black screen after Installation with Easy Installer and the GS290 was apparently completely nonfunctional.
When connected to an USB port, adb and fastboot did not work, only an MT65xx preloader appeared sporadically at the USB port but then disappeared again after 3,5 secs.
The only program that could handle this was the SP Flash Tool. I flashed the default Android 10 ROM and after that the smartphone worked again. I did this with Windows, but I don’t think the operating system was a factor. It took a few tries for the SP Flash Tool to establish contact with the phone, specifically I had to press power and plug and unplug the phone several times before download could start.
Later, I did not perform the latest update but left the Android 10 default version, which was a major difference to the initial try.
A manual installation of /e/ with fastboot led to errors again and reboots, so I don’t think this was the right approach. Instead, I used the Easy Installer again but without the latest Android update, and finally succeeded.


One more question: Who may I ask if I would like to have some functionality (long term) added ?