Black screen when calling GS290

Hi there,

When i calling a customer service with my GS290 the screen goes black when i take back my phone froms my ear to entering some numbers on my phone. I can tick on my screen, shake my phone, put it away from my face, but still get black. This is very annoying.

Luckely i decieded to connect my charging adapter to the phone to get back the screen, but this is not how it supposed to work.

Is there anyone with te same problem or someone from the team who can help me out with this?

I started already a topic, but the only answer that i get was to install some sensor apps. But i don know how these apps works and what they do, and my problem is not solved.

I´am starting to hate this phone more and more.
Hopefully the Samsung S9 is a better one, than this gigashit-thing!

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can’t confirm your issue while calling.
GS290, v 0.17 stable


It happened to me with a different device, months ago.

Did you try to push a volume key, tap on the screen, … ?

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Okay thats weird. I have also v 0.17 stable, but i have still this issue. Also before i update to v 0.17 a few weeks ago. Today i have disabled the tap to sleep in the display stettings, because that wont help me if i tick several times on my screen with these frustrations to get it back.
I know this phone is not so expensive, but these things must be work.

If i have the money i think i buy a samsung S9 or something. That looks better. better camera, better sound, water resistand (in the rain) etcetera. I have also an echo when i am calling. Proberly bacause the speaker is placed nearby the mic.

I thougt i was buying a phone wich running eOS fine and i really like the eOS, But this is really worthless. If I can’t call it in a normal way, my patience really runs out quickly.

The last time i tapped many times on my screen and push al the buttons. It is that i have an option to turn on the screen when i plugged in my charger, but that should be rediculous to do that each time i make a phonecall.

Sorry but i know see that there is al little speaker placed above the camera notch. That makes it more weird that people hearing an echo. But that issue is placed on another topic. The most annoying point is that my display go down on my phonecalls.