Blackberry OS 10



I seriously wonder why blackberry 10 OS is not being operated and developed any further.

It actually works without android and apple

Anybody got an idea?
greetz Frank


Blackberry is proprietary software so only they can develop it and as far as I can read on Wikipedia it doesn’t look like they stopped.


BlackBerry could not sell enough BlackBerry 10 phones for the endeavour to remain profitable. So they abandoned it a couple of years ago. All support will cease at the end of 2019 and the devices may or may not function after that time (nobody knows whether a BlackBerry server connection is required). According to those who know the system best, it will become impossible to re-install the OS after the end of 2019. However, I’m just repeating what I’ve heard from them. I don’t have that kind of expertise.

The OS is based on QNX and is closed source (a version of QNX was open sourced in 2007 but access to the code was later restricted after the BlackBerry takeover). The bootloader is locked. Since BlackBerry still uses QNX in many other products and likely included proprietary code from other companies in the OS as well, the OS will probably never be open sourced.

It’s too bad. BlackBerry 10 was a very nice operating system to use. If you like how it works, LuneOS is probably the closest open source option, but it is not suitable for everyday use.


Taking this out of context, but you made my day! :wink: