Bless Weather Widget


I have read a few topics on the Weather App.
I am using /e/ 0.23 on a Samsung S8 and I am very satisfied.
The only exception is the non-working weather app.
I can not manage it to get it working…

  • location permitted
  • tried ‘own location’ setting
  • created an OpenWeather account → Pending verification since 2 days
    Nothing made it working.

Tried another Wheater App from the Appstore: Weather (by SECUSO).
Works instantly, also as a widget.
So, now I have 2 widgets: one not working and one working.
Both Widgets are OK for me, but 2 widgets for the same information is overkill.

Question: how can I get the standard weather widget working or how can I delete/uninstall it?


Can you please try as a location (and take care of the fineprint ;- )


What happens?

PS: I tested on 0.23 PIE, forgot to ask what version you are using

Hello Dopple-D,

In the meantime my personal API is verified.
I submitted Worms,/DE as location, but the app will not accept the location.

Unfortunately that is all there is to report:-(

Strange things happen…bug

I had one myself: Menue key / recent apps was not recognised on /eOS 1.0 -r- but I knew that the key was not defective.

Created another profile and there it was working. Have fun with the problems you get when you update ;- )

PS: I tested on 0.23 PIE, forgot to ask what version you are using

I am on Android 9 / 0.23

As far as I know I will not get an update to version 1.0
Strange that this problem probably affects so many users.
I would accept the possibility to uninstall the widget and install the SECUSO app from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology…

Thank you for naming secuso, didn’t know that they offer a bunch of privacy friendly apps!

Worth a try. Uninstalling openweather is possible also not that easy as it should be.

‘Gern geschehen’.

I still hope that one day my problem will be solved.
I have read that the weather app is integrated in the Bliss Launcher.
Uninstalling / de-integrating is cumbersome.

… but installing an alternative launcher is easy ! – Bliss is quite a light weight launcher so you might find one better than some on this list with your own search.

Then also be aware of Settings > Apps and notifications > Default apps so you can set your test launcher(s) as default, knowing you can always come back to Bliss.


Your reaction is not excatly the solution I had in mind.
But, I took the effort to follow your work-around and tested Nova, Lawnchair (1), Poco, Lynx and Smart Laucher. As you mentioned I had the possibility to test them and switch between the various lauchers. The problem with the weather app/widget is also present on some other launchers:-(.

Finally I made a choice for Lawnchair, the old (archived) version is still available in de Mur/e/na app store. The launcher perfectly fits my needs. I don’t mind that it is an old, archived version.
I don’t need all the bells and whistles some other lauchers provide.

So, a big - thank you- for pointing me to this workarounf solution. Happy with it!