Blishlauncher keeps stopping

new Fairphone 4
most recent /e/ OS version (I believe 1.6.0) installed based on android 12 using easy installer.
no SIM installed only wifi connections thus far.

All was great for a while.

I installed hackers keyboard and signal.
transferred my signal account to new phone.

Soon after that things started to go wrong.

i get a popup stating
blishlauncher keeps stopping with options to close app or go to app info.

the homescreen is no longer accessable as it keeps crashing over and over resulting in a flickering screen and no chance to press any icons on the home screen.

stopping blishlauncher does not solve the issue. restarting does not solve the issue. both soft and hard reset.

I have no way now to get to any kind of log and to send for developers to take a look at. as a result Settings also no longer accessible.
earlier I was able to check for updates but there are none.

Can anyone please suggest what to do in this scenario? I am worried I will loose my signal messages as I can’t transfer back my account to old phone.

What should I do? I am pretty sure I downloaded and installed a “stabile” version of /e/ OS.

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great, found a way to get into the settings.

where can I find the error log?

/e/ os version: 1.6-s.20221129238946-stable-FP4

wow, clearing all data from blishlauncher resolved the issue after a reboot.

blishlauncher version is 1.6.0.

is there a stabile alternative to blishhlauncher? as I read more people having issues with blishlauncher and I’d like to avoid having to rearrange my icons each time something goes wrong.

in the meantime, where can I find the error log for blishlauncher so i can investigate and possible open a bug report.

Plenty of alternative Launchers in F-Droid or App Lounge (if it is working)

I like Lawnchair 2 and Open Launcher

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