Bliss hard failure, home screen 100% stuck


Few days ago, I suddenly lost 100% of my Home Screen, no more icons at all, even after rebooting my smartphone (/e/ refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge).
Various readings lead me to discover it may be an issue with Bliss, and it was true => after Cache + Data reset, I got back home screen and all was functional again BUT, of course … I lost all my icons (and icons folder) configuration =>

  • is there a way to backup/restore Bliss’ icons (icons and folders) configuration ?
  • is this issue known ?
  • is there any better /e/ [recommended] launcher ?

N.B.: I don’t know it is linked, but before this crash I just used the Camera to take a photograph (at least … I tried to take one).


Other users had known this issue, try this :

Swipe the top bar to access to parameter 's menu.
Choose applications list and select bliss to wipe data cache.

I hope it works

Bliss not starting after updating to /e/OS 0.7-2019111731019

Thanks Piero for your answer; yes it is the way I unlocked my Home screen some days ago.

But thus, I lost ALL my configuration (of course because the unlocking is done clearing all data); so my main question is: is there a way to backup/restore Bliss’ icons (icons and folders) configuration ?


I recently had the issue too and corrected it the way you did.

I now switched to openlauncher. It’s more user friendly than bliss and has a better privacy score on Apps.

Also, if you’re having bugs with opencamera, a known trick and better setup is parameters -> Camera API -> Camera2 API is this exists, depending on your phone model.

Yes it exists on my smartphone, but should it be switched ON, or OFF?

It should be switched on