Bliss hard failure, home screen 100% stuck


Few days ago, I suddenly lost 100% of my Home Screen, no more icons at all, even after rebooting my smartphone (/e/ refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge).
Various readings lead me to discover it may be an issue with Bliss, and it was true => after Cache + Data reset, I got back home screen and all was functional again BUT, of course … I lost all my icons (and icons folder) configuration =>

  • is there a way to backup/restore Bliss’ icons (icons and folders) configuration ?
  • is this issue known ?
  • is there any better /e/ [recommended] launcher ?

N.B.: I don’t know it is linked, but before this crash I just used the Camera to take a photograph (at least … I tried to take one).


Other users had known this issue, try this :

Swipe the top bar to access to parameter 's menu.
Choose applications list and select bliss to wipe data cache.

I hope it works

Bliss not starting after updating to /e/OS 0.7-2019111731019

Thanks Piero for your answer; yes it is the way I unlocked my Home screen some days ago.

But thus, I lost ALL my configuration (of course because the unlocking is done clearing all data); so my main question is: is there a way to backup/restore Bliss’ icons (icons and folders) configuration ?


I recently had the issue too and corrected it the way you did.

I now switched to openlauncher. It’s more user friendly than bliss and has a better privacy score on Apps.

Also, if you’re having bugs with opencamera, a known trick and better setup is parameters -> Camera API -> Camera2 API is this exists, depending on your phone model.

Yes it exists on my smartphone, but should it be switched ON, or OFF?

It should be switched on

Bonjour, Je viens d’avoir un problème presque identique. Après la demande de mot de passe, je n’avais pas accès à l’écran d’accueil. En tirant la barre du haut, j’ai ouvert le menu paramêtres/Applications/Bliss. J’ai d’abord vidé le cache ce qui n’a rien donné. En croisant les doigts, j’ai alors effacé les données et Euréka! les icônes sont réapparues.
Nota: j’ai un Samsung S7