Bliss Launcher and localization

Just after switching off the localization my e phone told me that my SD card was corrupted. The localization was recently used only by Bliss Launcher and maps. Every things seems to get OK after enabling again the localization. It’s a bit strange…

The version of the system is: 0.7-2019100826384

Update your /e/ OS ROM to 2020.02.xx and the Bliss Launcher will be updated to at least version 1.3.1.

After reading your post, I decided to switch temporarily from Lawnchair to Bliss to look how it is changed in the last month or two. It’s gotten noticeably more stable and smoother! However, I’m still trying to find it’s settings menu, which still seems to be missing.

I’ve updated the system to 2020.02 and disabled the localization. Up to now, it seems to work fine.

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