Bliss Launcher and new user interface

Hi everybody,

I read a very interesting paper from Gaël Duval about the new user interface thanks to Bliss Launcher.

Unfortunately, I can’t see the expected results on the eOS applications (Contacts, calendar, notes…).

Could you let me know if this new user interface is implemented already ?

Does it eventually depending on the Android version or other ?

My configuration is the following:

  • Device : Nexus 5
  • Android version : 7.1.2

Best regards.

it was published, but alot of people have hated it. So it was reversed. After a rework it will be implemented again.

Side note: Gael is announcing a lot which should be available, but it isn’t :frowning:

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Hello :slight_smile:

No it hasn’t been implemented yet.

What people didn’t like and caused the removal was the new status bar and the fact it has been implemented without the possibility of reverting it, if I followed things correctly. Not the UI consistency.

This behavior is the same for any company. Apple announces in June the new iOS version that will be available in September ; PayPal announced the support for crypto-currency but it will be available only in weeks/months ; and the list could be huge.

And it was clear in Gaël’s post that it was what was planned and not what has been released: isn’t and won’t be apple or google. it’s a small startup which needs users to grow. So Announcements should be no ‘alterative facts’

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I personally prefer to know the objectives of the project that I am in rather than being in the dark.

but hen ‘your objectives’ never happens ??

They happen, you just aren’t patient enough.

Yes, everything is always delayed and when we say 1 month it becomes 2 months (or more), but it doesn’t mean they doesn’t happen. If you look at the state of the project on September 2018 then September 2019 then September 2020, you can’t honestly say than nothing has changed. A lot of things have been out.

In my case, I can patiently be waiting.
I am sure that a common (and ergonomic and stylized) user-interface is a key to success for the adoption of eOS by non-geek users.
This will be a good way for users to adopt the original apps os eOS and to be confident that what they are using is really “degoogleized”.
For the moment, I feel to use a selection of F-Droid apps even if I’m aware about the great work done by the eFoundation team…

Pour ma part, j’attendrai patiemment.
Je suis sûr qu’une interface graphique unifiée entre les applications eOS en faciliterait l’adoption.
Ce serait un bon moyen pour que les utilisateurs s’approprient les applications d’origine de eOS en ayant la certitude qu’ils utilisent des applications “dégoogleisées”.
Pour l’instant, j’ai l’impression d’utiliser une sélection d’applications provenant de F-Droid même si j’ai bien conscience de l’énorme travail fourni par l’équipe de eFoundation.

Si on pouvait éviter le “material flat” comme gg, w$ et consorts. Même Thunderbird a cru bon de s’y mettre ; du coup, tout est gris et moche…