Bliss Launcher: Battery Saver Resets Icon Order

I couldn’t find a category for bug reports.
When the phone goes into automatic battery saver, the bliss laucher forgets icon order.
This has been the case on the official e on various versions of the Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 Exynos - “a3xelte”.

I am sorry to say that it is a bit late for that now as Samsung A3 (2016) has been demoted to “Legacy” and the last dev build was e-1.17-q-20231110351091-dev-a3xelte.

Older versions of Bliss always seemed to like icons in the default locations which can be reset with Settings > Apps and notifications > See all … apps > BlissLauncher > Storage & cache > Clear storage.

… but interesting to hear that that was the trigger in your case.

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