Bliss launcher becomes invasive


Since I removed (last hour) gg and W.A. accounts from my wife’s surnia (I only kept OpenKeychain account, first one configured while installing, yesterday), Bliss works on invasive mode, against OpenLauncher (from F-Droid).

For what I’ve tested, no settings adjustment can’t change it :flushed: Removing and re-installing OpenLauncher don’t solve.

  • Both with Shutdown or Reboot, greyed background behind toast notification shows that O.L.'s icons disappear (1s before black screen),
  • custom screen’s picture stays (up to black screen),
  • turning on from Power button seems to be more difficult,
  • after boot sequence, screens shows a brief turning ‘arrow’ then launch the popup ‘Launcher on desktop’ (free translation from French),
  • choosing OpenLauncher then taping Always don’t solve this issue, even if O.L. is declared in Settings > Apps > Setting apps > Launcher and all permissions checked.


I’d never seen on my own Moto E 2015 surnia, but never removed account (OpenKeychain + Shelter). I’ll probably ‘remove’ Bliss with adb shell (pm etc.)

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Second step…

‘Removing’ system app (for user 0):

  • enable ‘Dev options’ by Settings > About phone > build number > 7 taps
  • back then Dev options > swipe back > Debugging swipe to enable Android debugging
  • connect USB wire, launch a terminal, and:
    trefix@neness:~$ adb devices
    List of devices attached
    daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037
    daemon started successfully
    TA3640ABNQ unauthorized
  • toast notification:
  • check the box, then:
    trefix@neness:~$ adb shell
    surnia:/ $ pm uninstall -k --user 0 foundation.e.blisslauncher
    surnia:/ $ exit

Then disable android debugging (it’s not my phone…).

Works but first reboot gives a black screen, then ‘System app failed’ and a few taps launch stanby screen then needs a swipe to launch OpenLauncher.

Works fine after reboot, but icons always disappear when turning off and device shows a brief ‘cut’ at launching, certainly dues to a system call at bliss.

Strange. I keep the thread open, if anyone has the knowledge…

I am not certain if this will work for you but it seemed to in my very limited test. I used a magisk module called debloater and a terminal emulator to uninstall bliss. I also removed bliss icon pack and upon rebooting everything seems fine.


I think bliss isn’t really the problem but may shows (as /e/ ‘Desktop Environment’) that config’ files from gg or WA persist in system after aI’d remove accounts as standard $user…

I think because both devices (XT1524) have same clean install from same zip and ‘issue’ began to occurred on the most ‘stock’ one just after removing accounts. I did a lot of reboot before, during install/config, without any of these symptoms…