“Bliss Launcher is not responding” post-upgrade after granting Storage permission


I installed /e/ on an old Nexus 4 1-2 weeks ago, version e-0.7-n-2019112732147-dev-mako.zip − everything was working well. :slight_smile: Later I also enabled Full-disk encryption.

Yesterday, I was prompted for an /e/ update to version 20181217(34423). Upgrade went normally (although I found the boot sequence quite slower than usual).

At start, Bliss Launcher required the “Storage” permission. After granting it, the app icons all disappeared − although the settings menu is still accessible, and various apps (accessed through the “Alt-Tab”-like button [don’t know how it’s called ^_^]) are also working fine. Eventually, there will be a prompt “Bliss Launcher is not responding” − Wait/Close. Either way, the icons don’t come back and the prompt comes back.

I purged all Bliss Launcher data via the Apps menu. The Storage permission prompt came, said yes, same loop “Bliss Launcher is not responding”.

I purged all Bliss Launcher data again, and this time declined the Storage permission. Now the Launcher is behaving normally again, with all app icons and widgets displayed.

This seems somewhat similar to Bliss not starting after updating to /e/OS 0.7-2019111731019 (where I got the idea of purging data), although deleting data is not a permanent fix.

Hope this report helps :slight_smile:

Hello, welcome to our community :slight_smile:

Indeed Bliss Launcher asked for the storage access but I declined it so I can’t tell you if this issue happens for me.

Let’s wait for other comments.
Then could you please raise this issue here ?