Bliss launcher shutting down


I’ have just install /e/ 2days ago and I’am not very skilly with smartphones…

whatever, bliss launcher shutting down when i’am trying to delete a shortcut on the main screen…
Any idea ?

my cellphone is a samsung S4

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Hello antho2b and welcome to the /e/ community!
A lot of us are not realy happy with Bliss - the easy way to handle this is, to change to another launcher. Try OpenLauncher - it’s free, open and a bit faster than bliss.


as I told it sooner, i’am not very aware about smartphone and more…
I was thinking that bliss laucher was something like “explorer” on window…

but thanks I will try it !
just wan’t to be sure…
I donwload Openlauncher on the app store and install it that all ?
don’t have to uninstall or anything before ?

many thx for your answers

No, Bliss launcher is as the name says a launcher. Something like the windoofs start menue or in windoofs10 the mosaic on desktop.

You can install what ever launcher you want via any app store. Best source is always f-droid.
After installing a launcher at first push of home button you will ask which launcher do you want use. At first time I prefer using ‘one time’. If you like the launcher you can answer next time ‘always’ and you will never ask again

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I have the same problem on my LG G5 and have not found a solution for it.
I installed the ZIM LAUNCHER from F-Droid and it works fine.
Too bad the Bliss-Launcher causes so many problems.