Bliss starter / weather / mail / disable or uninstall

These above mentioned apps cause an enormous power consumption. How can I permanently uninstall or disable this.

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Good morning,
to get rid of “bliss” the best way is to install and use another launcher - e.g. TotalLauncher. The useless weather app can be removed following the instructions in this LINK. About Mail - I have no idea, what’s your problem with that app. For me it runs decent with very low battery consumption.

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Hello @fun4all,
lease make sure to install another launcher before uninstalling the BlissLauncher, otherwise the system will not start!

FOSS OpenLauncher from F-Droid Store or the freeware version of totallaunchericon TotalLauncher via /e/Apps Store are good alternatives.


How did you determine this?

Which device and /e/ build are you using?

(I’m currently dealing with a battery drain, and I already saw it’s not caused by these Apps, it’s looking like an update of components from the smartphone vendor in the current /e/ build for my device would be the cause.)

So I had before I had the /e/ installed I
LineageOS 15.1(Android8.1) on the smartphone Samsung S7.with this customrom the phone ran for 2 days.
Since one week I have the on the phone. In the evening of the same day the battery is completely discharged. I found out that Bliss, Mail and Weather are the cause. I do not need all these apps. I did not find an option to uninstall them. You can deactivate these apps very well. Only for reasons I can’t see, they start again automatically after a certain time. A smartphone without Google is desirable, but not under these conditions. I can also have that without /e/.
Thanks for the answers.

You can uninstall them with ADB for the current user, which does the trick.
How to is in the link @frank.bxl gave here earlier.
You can see the package names of the Apps you want to uninstall in Settings - Apps & notifications - (select the App) - Advanced - (package name is given at the bottom of the screen)

Sorry, this is not a comfortable way to proceed. I don’t need a Custom Rom with these kinds of hurdles. Easy handling looks different. If so I will uninstall /e/ completely.
It doesn’t get any more user friendly than this

Good luck! You’ll be always welcome back again.

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The /e/ build team has learned from the constructive feedback of numerous /r/ users and will react accordingly.

In the near future there will be various /e/ OS ROMs: from similar to this minimal eOS to full preinstalled apps. Until then, the /e/ OS ROMs “beta” have to be more or less conveniently adapted to personal needs.

Here in Germany there is a figure of speech that says: Reisende soll man nicht aufhalten!

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OK, it’s you choice, but pls let me know on which Android Rom you will be able to uninstall default system apps ? That would be interesting because I don’t know one. And I’m searching for a way to build a rom with removeable system apps. So if you know one, I can have a look how they have solved this issue.

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the point is that this rome consumes much more energy than a comparable custom. there is still no possibility to change this with onboard equipment. for this reason it is useless for me. had promised me more of this. that it is based on lineageOS, it is obvious that this is the responsibility of e.fondation. it is a pity, for the lost time

sorry, don’t understand. It seems you are only frustrated and not open for mind changing. And you answer has nothing to do with me question.

Sorry for you. Hope you will get lucky sometime in the future and open for good, privacy custom rom like eOS

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