BlissLauncher randomly rearranges ALL my apps alphabetically

This also happens to me. All the icons (but folders) from the first screen and the bottom bar are moved to the last screen and ordered alphabetically.
I already reordered them 3 times, now I’m just leaving it this way… hoping this bug will be soon solved

I have a Fairphone 3 running /e/OS 0.20

as @Kiud filed this as bug at BlissLauncher randomly rearranges ALL my apps alphabetically - #13 by Kiud do you see any similarities? do you set homescreen links out of any browsers and if yes, which ones? I’d be happy to recreate conditions for reproduction and snatch a logcat of a crash

Just in Bliss exist not in others

Well the similarities are that my phone rearranges my icons. I haven’t notices before reading @Kiud’s post that they were alphabetically ordered.

I don’t have any webapps from any browser.

I have a lot of apps organised on 4 differents screens. And I have multiple folders on most of the screens.

But as I said before, only the apps from the first screen and the bottom bar are rearranged. And also only the apps that are not inside folders.
That means my first screen still has all its folders but all the other apps are now on the last screen.

I hope I make myself understandable, I’m not a native english speaker.

I just switched to Smart Launcher. I’ll see if it is any better but I already like better the way to organise icons

Any others can backup your screens.

I just bought the new Fairphone 4 and I installed /e/ right away. But I’m still facing this annoying bug with bliss launcher. All my apps are rearranged once in a while. This is sooo annoying!!

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Same here, happened twice in 2 days. Haven’t bothered rearranging again as it takes so long.

Had this happen a few times to me too.

it happened to me too today (following screen unlock), 9 days away from the first /e/ installation (e-0.23-r-20220404175826-dev-apollon). some icons moved, some folders partially emptied. happened from time to time even with the previous smartphone (installed in 2018, happened randomly to reboot or screen unlock). If there isn’t solution I’ll change bliss launcher. Any news? thank u

I think a new version of Bliss is coming soon :wink:

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What dose this mean?
Bliss can not be updatedseparetly it has to be a system update, right?

I suddenly got hte same problem here after using version 0.22 for about six months, then a couple of days ago it started to mess everything and this happend evry day twice or so. I updated to 0.23 but this did not help at all.

I have the impression that one or maybe two specific apps are causing bliss to crash. But I’m not totaly shure yet if this is a correct asumption.

I do not want to update to 1.0 only vecause of bliss. (There are also other big problem with 1.0 like battery drain, etc…)

I would agree. This is regarding the auto arranging of icons.

Secondly, if I understand right, you have a different issue; one or more unknown apps are making Bliss “issues” more pronounced.

First action to take would be uninstall any unnecessary apps and any which you expect might be causing the problem.

Then Settings > Apps and notifications > Show all apps > Bliss > Storage > Clear storage.

This will put all your app icons to “standard position” I suggest you leave them there. Now can you identify an app which is upsetting Bliss?

… or don’t use Bliss! :slightly_smiling_face:

Be aware, this advice might cause you to lose Weather widget data, if you are separately affected by that issue.

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I can reproduce the crash. When proton mail, which has been totally updated a couple of weeks ago, is runing and loading new mails, then switch app by swiping from the bottom, then it cause the bliss launcher to crash. I’ve done a screen rec.

I tested alternativ launchers, but to be honest they are all useless in my opinion.

So I will report that to the dev team as well.

Maybe other apps are also causing a crash, I haven’t figured out which one could also be a problem.

Just to let everyone know: This problem continues with /e/-1.0 and /e/-1.1 (using an esolutions S9). I have tried all the options noted above, but unfortunately, this doesn’t help (or only helps for a couple of days). There is an open issue on gitlab about this, but not much has been done recently:

Can anyone suggest a good launcher that is similar? Unfortunately, this problem is unsustainable for me.

This problem persists with /e/-1.2.

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This problem persists with /e/-1.3.

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We are urgently looking out for an Android launcher developer :slight_smile:

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I have been using Lawnchair from F-Droid for quite a while, and I recommend it. It’s more of a ‘traditional’ Android launcher / homescreen app than Bliss, which seems to be imitating iOS, but that’s a good thing from point of view - I like Android lawnchers :slight_smile: .

A more up-to-date version is available from, but the F-Droid version works for me

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Just experienced this problem on a Moto G7 Plus REVVLRY+ (lake) for the first time. Recently updated to /e/ ver. 1.3 - experienced no issues with previous versions. Phone was normally arranged in the evening when I plugged in the charger. Next morning icons were alphabetical, folders were gone, and no icons were in the bottom (static) row.

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