Block \e\OS ads on DNS level (save processor, RAM, card space, bandwidth, and battery)

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I found a simpler way to filter ads in \e\OS - by using a DNS server which already filters them. Thus, applications like adaway of browser adblocker can be deactivated, saving computing power (processor cycles), card space, bandwidth, RAM, and battery.
Read the documentation here: Connect to public AdGuard DNS server .
This option can be very easily implemented in Settings → Network & Internet → Advanced → Private DNS.
Select Private DNS provider hostname
Default server
AdGuard DNS will block ads and trackers.
“AdGuard DNS is a reliable way to block ads on the Internet without installing a mandatory application. It’s easy to use, completely free, and quick to set up on any device. It equips you with the core features required to block ads, counters, malicious websites, and adult content. There are no restrictions on the number of devices.”
Their adblocking servers support DoH, DoT, DoQ, and DNSCrypt.

It could also be presented as a default option in future versions of \e\OS.


Due note, DNS based content blocking cannot block first party content or perform cosmetic filtering such as removing blank spaces.

It could also be presented as a default option

I have patches here that adds extra providers based off of a patch from CalyxOS.
/e/OS is welcome to include it:

Thanks @anon88181694, have passed on the details to the team and creating an issue around this. A developer will be looking into it.


Nice proof of mutual aid, I really appreciate it!

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