Blokada settings for smooth /e/xperience

Hi, I’m using to protect my privacy from some apps I just can’t help not to install them, like Amazon, Uber, Shpock, etc…
However if Blokada is activated the updates in Apps(store) don’t work.
Anyone figured out perfect settings for Blokada that the /e/ system which I trust works without problems?
Thank you!

first, use Aurora for installing / update non FOSS apps. The build in apps store has bugs as hell and isn’t working most times.

Regarding blockada. Forget it also. Use TrackerControl from here

It’s much easier to setup and you will see what is blocked. And we have learned yesterday, hat blockada isn’t blocking all it should block.

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Thank you harvey186! Indeed the inbuilt apps store has some rough edges.
More interesting is this TrackerControl app you mentioned. I’ll check that out.
Can you also please point me to where you have learned about the effectiveness of Blokada?!

We often discuss about blokada / netguard/ adware/TrackerControl in telegram groups.

I am using Blokada within /e/ and I am pretty happy with it.
In order to get the /e/ AppsStore running, go to settings (the ‘Hamburger’ symbol on the bottom of Blokada’s main page). Then go to "Apps’, then ‘System Apps’. Deselect the Apps Store. Then it might be that you have to restart the phone (I don’t remember) and AppsStore works perfectly.
I am using for the moment the following host lists: SteveBlack’s Unified, Jerryn70’s, Dan Pollocks, Peter Lowes’, Adaway’s.

Some days ago, we have had a user which was using blokada and his sonos app was working fine.
Than he has tested TrackerControl and his sonos app wasn’t working anymore because TrackerControl has blocked several trackers of the app. It was easy to ‘tell’ TrackerControl not to block (one touch). So evertthing was fine again.

But. … why was the app working with blokada? Because it has NOT blocked the tracker! !! So, that’s a no go for me.

In TrackerControl you can see which app us blocked and which tracker from this app was blocked. And you can decide by app and app tracker which you could allow and which not. Could you do this also with blokada with one or two clicks? NO! !

I have been using Blokada for some time. Just with adblocking enabled and using Adguard DNS.
I can’t comment on @harvey186 's issues but apps can be bypassed in the settings although it’s not a "1 click operation.

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