Bluesky - difficulties to find app in AppLounge

I came across a curiosity and wanted to check with you (the community) if you encountered similar behaviours:

I tried to download the Bluesky app from AppLounge, but I wasn’t able to find it unless typing the full app name ( Even then, the app does not install on my device.
I wonder why searching for ‘bluesky’ etc does not show the app in the search results and where installations difficulties come from.
Searching and installing the app via Aurora does not cause difficulties at all.

Any idea? Anybody who encounters similar behaviours?

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What is your device, and the version installed? On my FP4 version 1.18-s stable researching this app works, as well as installing it.

Usually the first thing to try is clearing cache and storage for App Lounge in Settings-Applications-App Lounge.

My device is bluejay (Pixel 6a).
I am running v1.18-T-dev.
I cleared cache and storage of App Lounge and suddenly the app was found on first attempt and became installable. Really interesting. Thanks.

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