Bluetooth and USB-C headset not working with /e/ OS

Hello, since the update to /e/ OS version 1.9.1 (for Fairphone 3(+)) my headsets no longer work.

What works:

  • normal phone calls with the standard phone app
  • Listening to music or watching videos

What does not work:

  • Making phone and/or video calls with other apps, like
    WhatsApp, Signal, Threema, Teams etc.

An error message appears that the bluetooth location services must be activated. These are activated, but the headsets do not work. This also affects the wired headset via USB-C. Listening to music etc. works without problems with all headsets.

Is there a setting for this?

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It seems that you have to turn off location hiding and trackers in order for the apps to access bluetooth. This is strange to me because I have actually already set this up so that there are exceptions for these apps, but this doesn’t seem to work. This means that I have to turn off all security measures for secure communication.

Does the issue persist after updating to the current version 1.10?

Yes no changes. If I want to use headsates except for the regular phone app I have to disable security changes as trackers and location.