Bluetooth audio: aptX on Fairphone 4

I’m using Bluetooth audio on a Fairphone 4 with /e/os v1.11. I found out that my phone doesn’t use an aptX audio codec. Instead I only get SBC and AAC codecs. On a Samsung phone aptX is working, so there should be no problem with my audio device.

Is there support for aptX on a Fairphone 4?

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I think it was maybe working for me in v1.12 and v1.13, but definitely not in v1.14 and there’s a few mentions in the most recent release feedback thread:

The workaround is to go into the Bluetooth prefs on the phone and switch off the Qualcomm ptX profile.

BTW, I’m using the FairBuds XL, which Linux is happy to speak aptX to. However the headphones support relatively smooth switching between two connected sources, and this functionality is now broken due to the workaround. It used to switch fine between sources fine, but now when I start off listening on Linux (aptX), pause there, and then connect from my phone, the audio stream is silent until I disconnect on the phone and then reconnect which (I assume) causes the headphones to expect “media audio” instead.

There was a Fairbuds XL firmware release that I applied during /e/ v1.13, but since aptX works from Linux to them after applying it I doubt it’s the cause of the issue.

Heyho same problems here with Sennheiser IE Pro 100 :slight_smile:

I can also state in e /OS v.1.14 aptX mode does not work for me with my Teufel Airy Sports and also not with my Inateck BR1009 BT audio adapter which is stated to support aptX HD audio as well.

same issue since v1.14.

seems to be related to the firmware update FP4.SP2G.B.079.20230624, which fixed codec problems for other users, but apparently broke qualcomm AptX:

should be fixed with 1.15-rc-s-20230911328925-stable-FP4, see:

Confirmed, is fixed now as far as I can state after updating to 1.15-s-20230913330639-stable-FP4

With this update all my BT devices now also work properly with aptX HD mode.

Seems that was a tough one, as also Fairphone itself had quite a struggle to get it working.

Great job, thanks guys! :+1:

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