Bluetooth headphones not working on FP3+

Hi there!

I just received an FP3+ bought from the /e/ shop.
I tried connecting two different bluetooth headsets:

  • Bose NC 700*
  • Sennheiser Momemtum TW2

Both devices connect fine via bluetooth. The “HD Audio AAC” and “Media Audio” option are checked. But the audio from any app still comes from the main speaker of the phone.

Using the volume button, I tried to change the output device. And even when the bluetooth headset is set as the active device, the sound from any app still comes from the main speaker.

Please advise

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That bug is currently being fixed (beta testers already confirmed that BT speakers/headsets work as expected with the fix). So I assume you just need to wait for the next update (I’m just a user myself, so I can’t comment on a timeline for that),


Just installed the newly released version 0.12-2020111084409 and can confirm sounds is being directly through my bluetooth headset correctly.