Bluetooth headset not playing sound automatically (Momentum M2 AEBT)

I have a fp3 and a Momentum M2 AEBT Bluetooth headset. Unfortunately every time it is connected to my phone and I start music, a pod cast or radio I first have to go to settings and switch on and off the media option (medien audio) before the headset plays a sound.
That is truly a minor problem. But still it is inconvenient.
Does anybody now a setting may be in the developer options?
I tried to change the Bluetooth versions from 1.3 to 1.6. (AVRCP)

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Exactly the same here, FP3 and also M2AEBT Sennheiser Headphones.
I have a small addition which makes it even more strange:
Every second time when I disconnect and reconnect the pairing works fine and sound is played. Every other time it is exactly like you wrote @Griepen, the headphones and the phone singalize that they are connected, the sound, however, will be played through the phone speaker …
Not too bad but still a little annoying
Edit: Issue only tried under 0.11

Today i noticed, that if I am making phone calls via the headset, it is immediately working

The general behaviour is really strange :smiley: