Bluetooth issue, help me, this is stopping me from using /e/

Hello, the only problem i’m having with /e/ is that the bluetooth connection doesn’t work and this is actually keeping me from using /e/ as my system

Basically, the bluetooth connects and apparently has nothing wrong (im trying to use with my car and earphones), but nothing plays on it, if i play some music on a player, the music duration bar keeps going but the earphone or car keeps mute

I do love /e/ and i want to keep using but this unfortunately is making me flash some other rom to be able to use my phone daily. PLEASE someone help me.

Pl share details about the phone mode, /e/ build number that you are using.

I was able to find a temporary workaround that i’ve found through xda which is using this app:, but it is kinda messy to use so is not a 100% valid solution

Moto G4 Plus, the last build


This may be silly, but have you checked that when you are connected via bluetooth, the sound level is not at zero(sound level of the phone…not the bluetooth speaker…)?
Indeed, with the S7, when the phone connects in bluetooth, the level goes down to zero (or mute)?

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Yes, indeed i checked, but no matter if i lower or down the volume it makes no difference, it continues mute whatsoever