Bluetooth issue on Moto G4

hello i have just installed “e” on my moto G4, with success except for what looks like a bug with bluetooth protocol .
When I connect with my bluetoth headphones to any sound stream, the phone frezzes and reboots by itself and then continuously disfunctions (as if it is overloaded ) and sound doesn’t work.
When i stop bluetooth, the phone is back to normal.
Previously with android i had no problem with bluetooth.

anyone can help me ?

@nemo This looks to be a device specific issue. I tried to replicate this issue on my MiA1 tissot with the current build but the phone works normally. Bluetooth works on the speakers normal . Attached a screenshot of the same …

Have you had this issue with previous builds of /e/? Please also attach a log file with the bug you have raised at that will help the team debug the issue.

I also had a similar but much less severe issue with my Moto One 5G Ace. When connecting different Bluetooth speakers / headphones, I would often experience a system-wide sound failure that would necessitate rebooting the phone to fix. I have Magisk installed and decided to try the Viper4Android (V4A) package, as I have been wanting to improve overall sound control but it seemed to make the problem worse, which was doubly disappointing. However, over on the XDA-Developers forum for V4A, I found this V4A Magisk module that not only fixes issues with app installation but also greatly reduced my Bluetooth issues - it only happens occasionally now, usually when I attach a new Bluetooth device to the phone. Plus, I get the bonus of superior sound on my phone. It may be worth a try for you if you use Magisk and have left your phone rooted.