Bluetooth on XA2 (3113)

Hi you all !

I have successfully install android Q /e/ rom, and it works well, but I have a big problem : I am not able to connect to my bluetooth ear.
my phone detects the plugs, but does not seem able to connect to it…

Any ideas ?

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I get back to stock roms android 8, android 9, and no matter, bluetooth still does not work.
It detect my ear plugs, but does not connect… I tried to reset network settings, change the version of bluetooth through developpers options, forget, appair the device…
no more idea …

Hi @miguelonthenet , I have no idea and I don’t know much about bluetooth gadgets but as a fellow XA2 owner just thought I’d say Hello and welcome to the forum!

Did you have the plugs working with other android phones at all?

My feeling is that bluetooth devices/brands can be a bit hit and miss where they just won’t work in some situations, but I may be wrong.

I would say that if you have eOS correctly installed over stock android 9 on the XA2 that it’s more likely the plugs at fault than the OS.

Sadly I don’t have any to test here.

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Hi, and welcome.
I have no issue with bluetooth with my XA2 (H4113. I mainly connect it to my car, sometimes to an external speaker), but I have not tested the latest releases of /e/OS …
Nevertheless, if you still experience the issue with android 8 stock rom, I guess that @chrisrg is right …

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Hi !

THanks a lot for coming back to me.
As you said, I had trouble with the plug, not with the phone.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. THe issue can be close