Bluetooth tethering in Fairphone 3+

Hello and thanks for your hard work on this great OS.

I’ve bought a Fairphone 3+ on e/o and I need to use Bluetooth tethering to connect my Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2017) to the internet. Unfortunately, that is the only way the car can be connected online. The phone however does not display any Bluetooth thetering option. It connects well for calls and music, but it does not connect for internet. The car does not accept a normal wifi hotspot.

Can the option to tether via Bluetooth be activated somewhere through e/o?

Thank you!


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On all my /e/ devices, it can be found in Settings > Network and Internet > Hotspot and tethering. If it doesn’t appear on your device, it may be one of those settings that only appears if the device supports it.

Thank you! I have however seen the Bluetooth tethering option in a friend’s Fairphone 3, running the normal Android… Is it possible that there is a way to activate this in /e/ too?

If it doesn’t appear in the Settings > Network and Internet > Hotspot and tethering page on your FP3+, then I would think not. But perhaps a FP3+ owner will respond here to advise

Thank you, Pete. Indeed, it doesn’t appear in mine… I hope some FP3+ users, running /e/, might be able to help.

I’m on a FP3 and running /e/. In Settings > Network and Internet > Hotspot and tethering I can only see options for WIFI, USB and VPN.

There is already an issue for this problem on Gitlab, however there doesn’t seem to be any progress. Maybe you can add more information to it?

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I’ve added a comment to that defect. But if the problem is that your phone cannot support it, then there is nothing that /e/ can “fix”

According to this post on the Fairphone Forum the FP3 supports Bluetooth tethering (but not without problems).

Thank you for sharing! That’s what I was saying earlier: I have seen a FP3+ of a friend, running normal Android, with the option to tether via Bluetooth.

I’m unable to replicate the instructions at the link you provided on /e/ though…