Bluetooth tethering with tomtom 600 not sharing internet

FP3 with /e

Hi all
I was abble to pair tomtom with the FP3 but then mys GPS say my phone did not give access to internet.
i try modify Hardware acceleration and AVRCP with no sucess
I also upgrade to the latest version of /e : nothing change

My friends with a honor and samsung can with basic android.

Salut à tous
FP3 avec /e
Je peut m’appairer sans problème avec le tomtom mais ce dernier me dit que le FP3 ne donne pas accés au net.
Sur les conseil de ce forum j’ai tenté sans succés de modifier les paramètres d’accélération matérielle et le AVRCP . Sans succés.
J’ai mis a jours / e : Rien.

Mes amis peuvent sans problème se connecter avec leur android (honor et samsung)


Did you try with another client device, for example one of your friend’s ?

Yes, i did. Its working.

But they did’nt have /e.

In the fairphone forum someone say they ave a “Share via Bluetooth” option in Settings> Network and Internet> Access point and tethering in android
i see nothing like this in /e.

Is this a bug or the feature is not in /e ?

Anymay this is quite annoying, where we can leave à ticket or a pull request ?

Just to be sure : it was about connecting your friend’s phone to your /e/ BT share.

It’s the same for all my /e/ Android 10 & 11 /e/ devices, except it is named “Hotspot & tethering”

I found a similar issue : I can't enable a bluetooth hotspot with e installed on a fairphone 3 (#3656) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

Nope ! The problem was to tethering via BT with my FP3 to the tomtom

thanx for reply anyway