Bootloader repair and /e/OS reinstall

Hi, my MurenaOne bugged recently after the Murena One v.1.21.2 update (wifi and bluetooth dysfunctionality). I first thought it was a hardware problem, so I brought the device to a lab hoping they could fix it. But it seems that the fix broke the MurenaOne loader letting the device with a corrupted warning at the boot sequence getting unable to run the system. I’ve tried to apply an update with ADB (from Ubuntu 22.10). The transfer of the /e/OS patched version .zip file works, but the device can not boot and run the update. I’ve tried to use FASTBOOT to unlock the bootloader, but it failed.
How can I fix this issue?

For murena phone issues write in to the ID with details of your issue. The team should be able to help you further.

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