Bootloader still open after installation

Installed e/Os 1.15 with Easy Installer on Pixel 4a. Every thing was fine. But after installation bootloader keeps open. Is there a possibility to lock the bootloader again without factory-reset or data loss? Is there any supported way? At the moment I updated to e/OS 1.16 .
Thanks a lot.

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Hello @Matthias

Welcome to the forum. Myself also owns a Pixel 4a. It is not possible to lock the bootloader, only a handful of devices with eOS can that. So u are just fine how your device is.

why would you want a red state anyways?

Sorry, I dont unterstand your question…

I think ‘orange state’ is an open bootloader and a ‘red state’ a closed one…

Thank you for the information. It’s good to know that I don’t need to worry about locking the bootloader on my Pixel 4a. I’m happy with how my device is currently.

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