Bootloop after installing a system update

Hello everyone, :wave:

Have you faced this kind of concern? :grimacing:
I own a Samsung S9+, with /e/OS on it.
After installing a system update, my smartphone went into a hellish loop of reboot phases (“bootloop”): the Samsung logo appears, then the “e” logo appears with the “up and down” dot. After a while, it turns off and then turns on again directly, and it starts again. So much so that it can’t be turned off anymore… :sob:

I managed to put it in “recovery” mode, but restarting the smartphone from this mode does not change anything. I was advised to reinstall the update from recovery mode, but I don’t know how to do it…
The technical “help” service of /e/ (or Murena, I don’t know what to say), that I contacted by email, gave me the link of a “tuto” that corresponded to the problem:

But, unfortunately, it was not a great help, because the first part of the tuto, I had already tried it, and the second, which concerned my case more particularly, is not available :sweat_smile: ( to come )

Would you know how to get me out of it?. Or at least, how to re-install the last update or the one before? :pray:

Thanks in advance for your advice. :heart:

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