Bootloop fresh install [Pocophone F1]


I am trying to get /e/ running on my Pocophone F1.
Following the instructions on the wiki.
Including flashing to the older firmware (Android 8.1).

Somehow I am stuck on bootloop after “device encryption”.
Did try it a few times.

With all other custom roms I don’t have issues.



Hi Tim, welcome to the /e/ forum.
I have a Pocophone as well that I recently converted to /e/ and I had a similar thing. Just need to recall how I proceeded…

So, just to be sure: you have TWRP on the device?
You installed on older version of MIUI (based on Oreo) on your device and you faced bootloop after installing /e/, right?

Hi ralxx,

that’s correct.
I got back to the original stockfirm (8.1) flashed it.
Booted the stock, to enable USB debug.
Flashed TWRP, cleared cache/data etc.
Rebooted into TWRP
Flashed /e/ and then it got stuck after encrypting device.

So that means you have at least correct firmware.
When switching amongst different Android versions I often had that. One thing tht was of big help was ot re-format the partitions /data/ with a different file format and again the initial one:
Go to TWRP > Wipe > Advanced Wipe > select Data >Repair or Change File System > Change File System > chose exFAT
Once that is done, do another format but this time Ext4.

Then re-install /e/ (oreo).

Btw. did you already try to install Lineage 15.1 after going back to MIUI/oreo
You could try to get Lineage 15.1 (unofficial but working you could find here:

Let me know if that works…

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll give it a try.

Lineage 15.1 (official) is working fine tho.

so after a few hours trying.
With different MIUI (EU) firmware, which got met constantly boot into fastboot.
So back to the original ROM, it got me back in bootloop.
Also re-formatted as you said.

still no luck :frowning:

  • So, even with the original ROM (guess that’s Miui10/Android9?) Poco is not working and just entering Fastboot?
  • With all your attempts, did you always get the same behaviours with your Poco (straight to Fastboot)?
  • What’s your TWRP version? Make sure that you have the latest (3.3.0)

One thing that could be the issue in your case: You used MIUI-EU ROM, right?.You actually need the stock ROM afaik (no matter if developer ROM or Standard MIUI ROM, but stock).

What I’d do in your case:

  • Reinstall MIUI (Android 8.1 stock) using the MI-Flash Tool. This needs to be done from a PC. Make sure that you do not re-lock the device (settings are in the bottom right corner of your PC screen. For flashing you need to unzip the ROM. Explanations are here (the ROMs in the article are not the correct ones, they are Android 9, but the installation instructions are well straight forward).


  • Reinstall latest TWRP via Fastboot.
  • Wipe, Data, Dalvik, Cache, System
    (you should not have a vendor partition, right?)
  • Change file system on Data to exFAT and then again to EXT4 (as described above)
  • Install /e/ then.

did all… :expressionless:

You won’t believe it.
By removing the extended SD card, I got it working :astonished:

thnx for your help! :slight_smile:

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