Borked my phone by deleting the microG framework module

How can i reinstall MicroG framework so Threema can find Push services and Apps will stop crashing. Question what is dir. It is supposed to be installed in and how to get it back there.

So on my S9 and V 23-20220401175185 I wanted to only use F-droid, so blew away microG framework and SafetyNet, but forgot microG framework and shim are still needed as Apps is part of core install, Apps cannot permanently be disable it starts up on next boot. But by removing framework Threema cannot find Push notification service, i never do that again.

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Simply flash latest /e/ build over your actual state.

Hi, Ok so no apk instal? i moved the module to storage would rather not redo everything

No, just flash over without wiping anything !


Ok so reflashed the e-zip file microg is back. So at least no crash. But MicroG cannot connect and Threema still cannot find push service. I reinstall Threema , no change, So on one hand it was interpreted by my reading that we do not use microg or its framework of modules geolocation and address lookup module
But if you want things like push services to work we need all three correc?

Yeah stuck microg is there but gmscore signature spoofing is not on when i run the self check and threema complains no push services. I’ve re installed twice. I really don’t want anything to do with google but it seems all this has to be on.

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It’s not Threema, the below says because google play services are not installed or out of date, i did a full install without wiping as prescribed. Now Appa store throws this error below

. internet connection is Good How do i make Apps store reconnect,? is it mozillanlp modules ? Then the Push Services for Threema will work…