BQ Aquaris X - bardock


Thank you very much @Unknown !!! I just have a couple of questions (sorry, still kind of newbie…):

  1. As it is an unofficial build, can I follow the installation guide of any official device? (my only flashing experience was with a Nexus 5 - hammerhead, and it worked great, so I wonder if following the same steps will flash this unofficial ROM correctly)
  2. I guess, as it’s an unofficial build, I don’t get updates (neither via OTA nor manually) until the ROM becomes official, right?
  3. @Manoj Any chances of this ROM becoming official in the future?:sweat_smile:

Thank you very much for all your work! You are great!:clap::clap::clap:

Depends on the number of user requests and also in case we have a Device Maintainer. A user who volunteers to build this ROM on a regular basis.
Thanks @Unknown for your efforts.

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uff, I have no idea about Ubuntu hahah (and I have a Mac…). For now, flashing is enough challenging for me…:sweat_smile: But thanks anyway, maybe some day I’ll try Ubuntu.

Thanks, that’s very kind of you.:hugs:

Has anyone already tried this version in an Aquaris X?