BQ Aquaris X - bardock

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Thank you very much @Unknown !!! I just have a couple of questions (sorry, still kind of newbie…):

  1. As it is an unofficial build, can I follow the installation guide of any official device? (my only flashing experience was with a Nexus 5 - hammerhead, and it worked great, so I wonder if following the same steps will flash this unofficial ROM correctly)
  2. I guess, as it’s an unofficial build, I don’t get updates (neither via OTA nor manually) until the ROM becomes official, right?
  3. @Manoj Any chances of this ROM becoming official in the future?:sweat_smile:

Thank you very much for all your work! You are great!:clap::clap::clap:

Depends on the number of user requests and also in case we have a Device Maintainer. A user who volunteers to build this ROM on a regular basis.
Thanks @Unknown for your efforts.

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You can install it same way as LineageOS rom, yes you dont get updates via OTA, but you can update it manually if you build it by yourself and flash it over you current build with no data loss, it easier than you can think, Im new to linux and I can build it so you can build it easilly, it almost fully automatic, here is my guide Fastest and easiest guide for building unofficial /e/ rom all you need just replace device codename with bardock

uff, I have no idea about Ubuntu hahah (and I have a Mac…). For now, flashing is enough challenging for me…:sweat_smile: But thanks anyway, maybe some day I’ll try Ubuntu.

Well I have old PC, but using VPS promo, but i think you can install ubuntu on virtual machine like virtual box or any other Mac specific, i never use Mac, so i dont know, well if you remind me I can build new rom for you, but maybe when /e/ v0.7 released, cause there is no big changes to build new rom now.

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Thanks, that’s very kind of you.:hugs:

Has anyone already tried this version in an Aquaris X?

Here Im gonna build unofficial /e/ roms for every single device supported by LineageOS you can find my updated Oreo and Pie test builds for BQ Aquaris X (bardock), old build will be deleted.