Bricked Fairphone 5 stuck in EDL mode

Hello, I purchased FairPhone 5 to have fun with Android and other rarely experienced parts of the phone (custom ROMs, etc.). I attempted to install /e/OS first thing. Unsurprisingly, I managed to soft(?) brick my device. One step led to another, and I am now stuck with my phone in EDL mode, trying to flash it back to existence.

Is there any reasonable way to fix the situation? Maybe a firehose file?

there are some EDL threads in the forum if you search - but not sure if they help when not specifically for your device. I see your thread of the same title in the fairphone forum.

Do you think there’s an issue with the easy-installer? you seem to have re-locked when the partition hashes didn’t match up.

Hello, thank you for your answer! I believe this is an easy-installer fault, but I am not experienced enough to make a call (neither do I want to). I did nothing during installation while it was doing its thing. I only started to do things once the phone stopped reporting.

Its acctually not. I installed T Version manually and got corrupted message. Fairphone OS was on security patch somewhen in 2023 and I thought if I flash T Version of e OS with a newer security patch it will work. But as soon as I lock critical and bootloader its in corrupted mode

luckily if I unlock both I can flash it again and then it starts normal.