Bricked FP5 after attempting install with easy installer

Hi there,

Just tried to install e/os on a brand new FP5 with the easyinstaller. All was going well until the “Installation” step, where the easyinstaller seemed to work, and the progress bar went until the end. But then it stayed stuck with a full progress bar for a while. We ended up closing the installer and powering off the phone, hoping to boot again on the bootloader and see what the status was. Probably a stupid idea, but we didn’t expect to entirely brick the phone…
But now the phone is totally unresponsive, does not charge, does not turn on… completely bricked.

does anyone have an idea of what to do? Or we just contact FP?


EDIT: when plugging the phone, Windows recognize it though the phone still appears unresponsible. I suspect It’s stuck on EDL mode…

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No offense, but if you need the /e/ easyinstaller to flash, you will most likely not succeed in unbricking your FP5, because you need advanced knowledge and unbrick tools for that.

My experience with Fairphone support in the Netherlands is not a pleasant one, because the process was very bureaucratic and extremely time-consuming. In the end, the repair was not carried out in the Netherlands, but in France by the “Cordon Repair Center”.

Cordon offers a first-class service, the likes of which I have never experienced before. The shipment was super fast via UPS. Please contact the Cordon Electronics team directly here

Good luck!

if you search within the “fp5” forum tag on “brick” you’ll get some threads with how other users dealt with it. Haven’t found a public gitlab issue yet on this, but from the threads it seems someone took notice internally of the recurring issue.

None taken, I am confident enough in our abilities given the fact that we are two computer scientists at home, with a decent experience of managing our own servers and more than a decade of programming experience each. I admit phone installation is not our speciality, hence why I am asking if anyone has a pointer to start with, but we know our way around the command line and technical issues. We did not need to use the easyinstaller per se, but since I have successfully used it on another phone previously and it was written as supporting the FP5, we believed it would be less cumbersome than doing the installation manually.

Now we have contacted FP, let’s see how this goes. Thanks for sharing your experience, I hope we will have more luck.

I had a look, and it seems the default solution is “contact FP”, so we did this. It is a bit annoying though that if someone in Murena is aware of the recurring problem, the documentation is still writing down FP5 as supported and does not provide a warning that this is a possibility. We would have gone for manual installation in that case.

Thanks for the answer!

Perhaps I could link the actual thread: FP5 bricked or not?

Fairphone “service” took me four weeks (30 days)
Cordon Repair Center service took seven (7) days - including UPS round trip transportation