Bricked redmi note 6 pro

I have been using /e/ foundation rom on my mi note 6 pro from last 3 days, preety good rom
While using Instagram on my phone all of a sudden screen goes black, no bootloop no mi logo … just complete black screen
And it got Bricked automatically… i haven’t done anything

And after visiting customer service they said ur device is hard Bricked :sob:

And during installation i followed the instructions from /e/ foundation instalation guide every step was perfect and am no noob in flashing room i know how they works and how to install

Well … thx to developers my primary phone got Bricked :sob:

Now i can’t afford to buy a new one … thx for good service really appreciate it :pray:

Regain your privacy and hard brick your phone automatically … no phone equals to 100% online privacy

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Could it be a corrupted file?

Maybe try to download the .zip ROM again, put your device in fastboot mode and reflash again…(?)

Hard brick… no fastboot mode … motherboard gone :man_facepalming:t2:

So, it’s most likely an hardware problem, not software.

Well … i think none of you guys know what a hard brick is …

Hi @Bhuvesh I am sorry for your loss and would like to offer to help …

I feel the expression hard brick is a form of street slang. If your support technician told you that the motherboard was burned out (or even some more technical expression) we would all know your position.

An engineer reported to tell you that a phone was hard bricked, is not giving me much to go on. I am currently having to guess your position is that you are upset about your loss of the device.

Do u remember me I told u that if something goes wrong with my primary device… i can’t afford a new one

It feels bad that my device is gone … but am more worried about my mails, online classes, and i am in a new city my Device helps me in street navigation and which metro to take and on many stuff

And now everything is gone, no classes, no online payment, mails most important for my admission…

It feels like Life got stuck… even tho am not that addictive to device for entertainment purposes

Side effects of taking birth i a lower middle class family… every little thing make life hard

And u said u want to offer for help well thx … that won’t do any good customer service told that it’s better to throw it on road than a repair

I don’t want to talk about it much …
And last line for the developer… thx man i got my 100% online privacy… i really appreciate your efforts :pray:

Hello everyone,

first of all I can sympathize with your loss and also with your anger that your device doesn’t work anymore.


Downloading and installing a custom rom is done at YOUR OWN risk.

I have also already made a device unusable, which was recorded by me incorrectly. I realized my mistake after the fact and knew that it was my fault. This had nothing to do with a programmer or software developer.

In your case I can’t say anything about your installation process, but why do you install an alternative operating system on a production system, knowing that something could go wrong? Knowing that you won’t be able to buy a new phone in case of failure?

Please look in the mirror and grab your own nose and don’t throw stones at other people!

On topic, is there any way you can meet with someone from the community in your area who has more experience?

At what point in the installation process did the crash occur? What exactly did you do?



Well … followed the exact installation guide from e foundation site … and also custom rom got installed safely… phone got hardbricked automatically while using Instagram after 3 days … am sure that something is wrong with the development of the rom not by any flashing error by me …


again, i am very sorry for you and your smartphone. i am just trying to help and maybe you can please do the following steps and report back to us:

  • Although the phone has a black screen, could it be that there is still a system running in the background? Pairing response on a computer?

  • Is it charged or has it not been charged since the incident?

  • Does the phone respond with vibration or a sound when the charger is plugged in?

With (or without) the charger cable plugged in, does it work (?):

Recovery :
With the device powered off - hold Volume Up + Power. (e. g. then plug the Powercable in)

Download :
With the device powered off - hold Volume Down + Power. (e. g. then plug the Powercable in).

Keep holding both buttons until the word “FASTBOOT” appears on the screen, then release. (e. g. then plug the Powercable in)

I checked on gitLab, there are (still) no Xiaomi that cause an error like you describe in. But that doesn’t have to mean anything.
Please open a bug report in gitLab describing your problem so the programmers have a chance to respond.

That’s all I can do for you from here - unfortunately.

Well … no charging since the incident … the device shows zero response of any kind , no sound, no fastboot mode … now it’s like a paper weight

Okh i will rase a quary on the link you provided…

Blockzitat Okh i will rase a quary on the link you provided…

Thank you very much and again, i am sorry that i can not do more for you.

I do remember, and my reply is on record!

I do think there might be some truth in this view.

How are you managing … in finding a way to access your needs for access to essential online services?

Aahh … sorry … I forget my email and password of my previous e foundation forum site ( as I used a temporary email for this account ) anyways this forum will automatically be deleted in 19 hours …
If u read it before that and want to contact me here is my email :sweat_smile:

Well …my friend helps me … he provided his laptop to me to use it 3 days a week for classes

And I have a keypad phone so he helps me in navigation on call and pays for me from my account although it’s difficult :sweat_smile: … quite good friend

Thank you for your concern but here’s nothing you can do …:pray:
Excuse me for my English …

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