Brightness mulitiplier

I have heard people say the brightness is always too low, mine is always too high. The lowest setting gives me a headache in the dark. Wouldn’t it be a solution to have a built in brightness multiplier in /e/ settings?

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This issue completely ruins the A5 2017 for me, which I had installed /e/ on as a new daily device. I can not use it in the dark, it is way too bright.

I too spend my time manually reducing the brightness.

Definitly. I have a s10+ and the dark is too light but the “darkness” does not really change until the middle of the bar. Seems like exponential curve instead of linear.
A multiplier would be perfect however. Great idea.

I’m constantly adjusting screen brightness too on Redmi Note 8T too. It’s either way too bright or way too dark.

But I think the stock firmware may have had this issue too.

I wonder if it would be possible to add some code to just record the pairs of sensor values and manual settings by the user and deduce an optimal curve for each device. That would actually be a great use case for opt-in telemetry. Wouldn’t help if the problem is the sensor though.