Browser app on weblate

I found some missing German translations in the browser app, but I can’t find the app in the weblate to contribute the missing translations. Where is it?

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Thanks for pointing this out @MmeDelatour we will have the Browser added to the list. You should be able to see it on Monday.

Hi, yes this issue has already been reported one month ago :

@Anonyme Thanks for the hint. Next time I will consult the issues too. Actually I could report the same for the German /e/ OS including all the apps you mention.
@Manoj Would be great if the possibilities for translations would really be there soon - also for weather, launcher etc.

Hi @MmeDelatour the welbate component for Blisslauncher is already there.
Weather and Browser need to be added.

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Hi, @Manoj :slight_smile: Browser strings are still missing in Basque. Do yo know if it is that a general problem yet or if someone has to add them to this specific language? Thank you in advance!

Hi @avtkal pl raise the list of missing strings in Gitlab …i can have it assigned to the translations team.

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The missing of Browser is listed from time ago, and actually is missing from all languages, not only Basque

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