Browser dark mode now available (>e-76.0.3809.85)

Here’s how to enable browser dark mode (for the user interface as well as web content):

Open Browser.

In the address bar, type “chrome://flags”.

Search for “dark”. You will see the following settings:

  • Android web contents dark mode.
    Setting this one on “enabled” will enable dark mode for websites.
  • Android Chrome UI dark mode.
    Setting this one on “enabled” seems to add a “Themes” section in the Browser settings where you can select the dark mode for the user interface.

NB: Had to relaunch Browser twice in order to make it work.

Enjoy !


And it works nicely!Thanks a lot.

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That’s a good tip, here are some customisations of the /e/ browser appearance that I like.
I made the change’s in chrome://flags/
I didn’t change anything else as i think it’s possible to compromise security or do other damage.

Chrome Duet
Enables Chrome Duet, split toolbar Chrome Home, on Android.

Chrome Duet Labels
Enables Chrome Duet (split toolbar) labels.

Force Dark Mode for Web Contents
Automatically render all web contents using a dark theme.

Android Chrome UI dark mode
If enabled, user can enable Android Chrome UI dark mode

Enable horizontal tab switcher
Changes the layout of the Android tab switcher.
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