Browser full of advertisement again


My browser is showing advertisement again although it should be blocked by the settings.

Any help?


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Can you give some websites as examples?
20 digits

First, what is “My browser”? Do you use the browser provided by /e/?
If so, the problem could be that they still calling bromite URL for block lists which are heavily outdated. This was discussed by Kuketz and posted here but /e/ usually ignores such feedback.

But I can not say this for sure. My recommendation is never using the os browser but download a usefull one, which is Mull.

Not for long…

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Is this perhaps Android 13 (T) ?

Possibly connected Android AdService and microG - #7 by obacht ?

I don’t know which is the solution, but 1.18 or 1.19 have solved the problem. I guess that it is connected to the spam lists. Thanks for your Support!

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