Browser privacy

Are you worried about Chrome? Watch out for the new Microsoft Edge!

The browser also sends unique hardware identifiers to Microsoft, which is a “strong and enduring identifier” that cannot be easily changed or deleted.

:warning: Chrome, Firefox and Safari share details of every webpage you visit with their services. All these browsers use autocomplete feature to send web addresses to their services in realtime.
Firefox’s telemetry transmissions, which is silently enabled by default, can potentially be used to link these over time. In Firefox, there is also an open WebSocket for push notifications and it is linked to a unique identifier, which could be used for tracking, according to the researcher.

So, I suggest to use Firefox with these tweaks

Here the full paper: about browser privacy “out of the box” with default settings.

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Yes, it’s good… Who even uses Edge anyway, so it shouldn’t be much to lose. But it’s another good reason of many to use Firefox!

I also recommend those settings in order to improve browser privacy :

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