Browser: refused by router in ICE (german fast train)

Friday, I tried the first time to register my phone (/e/ version 0.13-2020120889008) to the WIFI inside the ICE. It was rejected with a comment containing something like “use a contemporary browser”.

This message doesn’t sound logical to me as it was working with my BlackBerry 10 device until I stopped using it: Its browser was much less “contemporary” and already had problems loading or displaying many websites.

For the browser on /e/OS, this was the first time I got a reject like this. I did discover that half a year after swithing to /e/ because I mostly sleep or read real paper in a train…

Has anyone else tested to connect to WIFI in an ICE? Was it successful or not?


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This would mean folks from DB consider Chrome 83 not contemporary. I don’t know what to say.

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You don’t happen to have a strange user agent setting? Maybe their browser detection cannot parse whatever “you” send? You could check here:

Edit: my gut feeling is that whatever their error message is, it’s probably the part before the “use a contemporary browser” that’s relevant. Unless of course that’s a generic “your browser is too old” or so :wink:

Maybe the /e/ browser is hiding too much information for the ICE WiFi system ?

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I understand: either the router is confused or the system hides too much. The latter was already my assumption. I’ll check what happens exactly when I’m travelling next time. The “user agent” is indeed confusing but I didn’t manipulate it


What I don’t understand here is: the wifi did reject a browser???

When the wifi environment is indeed involved (this means: when the same web request works without any errors when your’re outside of this wifi) it must have a routing of HTTP requests over an own HTTP proxy which filters requests by header contents. - Is this thinkable? OK, this would be a great chance to log all the traffic … But why are requests rejected?

When connection to this (and probably other) public WiFi, it opens a browser window where you have to confirm their “terms of use”. After this confirmation, the setup crashes wiith an error message.

On normal WiFi, you need the password and enter it in the system and the browser is certainly not involved in the process.

Ah, OK, but this is then an ordinary web page which comes from a wifi local web server. And this web server rejects the request.

Yeah, that User Agents looks rather “normal”. A Chrome Browser on desktops is almost the same, except that “(Linux; Android 9; Unspecified Device)” is “(Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64)” as an example on my laptop. Or “(Linux; Android 10; FP3)” on stock ROM of my FP3.
But I don’t know if that would be accepte by ICE WiFi :wink:

As far as I remember it is not a browser window that opens to log into ICE web access but the Android System WebView component (