Bug in display of App Store

I installed GSI on my BQ Aquaris X2 yesterday. It seems OK overall, hasn’t crashed, no major dysfunctions etc. Only a bit of a glitch when using the App store. See this video of a screen recording (20MB):


It shows that some tiles on a page are hidden from view and when scrolling the page, the tiles come into view. Also they are clickable even though being invisible.

It happens also on the image picker when I tried to upload a profile photo here at community.e.foundation : go to menu > Profile > Settings and click the “upload” button to choose a new profile picture. I didn’t include that in the screen recording because it also shows my email address.

I suppose this isn’t happening in any of the supported devices, but I don’t know if it’s unique only to my Aquaris X2 or if it might be affecting all GSI installations.

Also not sure how to report these issues. I looked for /e/ in Github but couldn’t find it. If someone can point me to that it would be helpful, thanks :slight_smile:

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As a matter of interest, why install a GSI when there is an officially supported /e/ build specifically for this device?



To be honest, the whole day yesterday was blurry from the start. It might have helped if I had found a decent tutorial in the first place, but as it went I spent about three hours just trying to get fastboot to recognise my device! … and then I couldn’t figure out how to flash the system, there was partition_a and partition_b, and having to learn what is verity boot etc… I only happened to stumble upon /e/ by chance as someone had mentioned it on a forum and I had noticed it.

Short answer: not sure what page I was looking at when I got the idea that BQ Aquaris X2 isn’t supported by the /e/ project. Maybe if I find that page again I will report it here, but when I went looking for it just now I found this page: Smartphone Selector that does in fact show that the Aquaris X2 is a supported device!

… that’s awesome, and I can see that I might just be in for a bit more work today, so I’ll hope it’s as easy to flash that as the GSI was (at the end of the day)

Boy, this just gets better and better!

Out of interest, if you know @petefoth , how serious is this warning on the install page:

Warning: Downgrading Smartphones already on Android Q or LineageOS 17.x to Pie or other OS can cause instability or at worst brick some devices

I don’t think that will be a problem. I have not heard or read of any /e/ users having problems such as this, especially if you do a clean install.

Man. What a mission! I don’t think it was any easier today than it was yesterday tbh, but I’m glad I got through it :sweat_smile: Now I have a truly native experience and the look and feel is awesome! … Awesome guys! … you probably can’t see how rapt I am to have my old phone back, but I can only say it, so thanks a lot!

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