Bug in Gallery app: When taking screenshot

After taking a screenshot, you can’t see the screenshot in the Gallery app (Albums → Screenshot) until a couple of days later.

For some reason, it only shows screenshots from yesterday and before, not today.

You might be experiencing the problems I had/have.

I reproduced the Gallery failure to display “today’s” screenshot.

I took a scot yesterday am. Not seen in Gallery.

Repeated the test now. Yesterday’s scrot viewable, but Gallery is behaving as if under stress. Today’s scrot not visible.

Clear storage from Gallery, restart phone, both scrots viewable!

I have taken to clearing storage from Camera if I want to take a photo. I would be inclined to think, guess or speculate that there is a link between Camera issue and Gallery issue.

AKAIK, Gallery relies on Android Media database.
I think they are scheduled scans, but one may also trigger a scan by rebooting.

So, the question may be: why a change in screenshots storage dirrctory isn’t detected by Android?

I see that the OP stated

… I stated the results of the screenshot not appearing in the timeline till it appeared next day.

It is the case for me that when I visit Gallery app: Albums → Screenshot I see the new screenshot at the foot of the list, while the remainder of that album appears sorted by date. This is very much like https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/5420