Bug? MagicEarth only creates contacts on local devine and not Murena Cloud

Hello all,

Is the following reproducable and if yes, is it deliberatly so or a bug worth reporting?

With the current 1.7 version (FP4) I noticed recently created contacts via MagicEarth app will not be synct to Murena cloud.

How to reproduce:
Start MagicEarth (Navi-app), look for a POI, select it, expand the menue on the bottom screen and select “save to contacts”.

The contacts app will be shown with some basic contact informations. But the save location is set to “Device”, and the murena addressbook is not selectable.

The new contact is searchable via contacts app, but its not possible to switch the save location to Murena.

Other contacts previously synced can be switched. Manually creating a contact still gives the option to save locally or to Murena.

Obviously the wanted behaviour would be to create an contact directly to Murena cloud via MagicEarth.


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Confirmed on /e/ and other ROMs.

Too bad the app doesn’t have a Git of some sort to check on existing issues. At least I couldn’t find one.
Looks like you’ll have to contact the developer/company directly.

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Non-cloud user here, trying to understand how this works …
Does “save to Murena” mean saving the contact directly to the Murena cloud, or does this mean saving it to a contact store called “Murena” on the device (see Contacts App - hamburger menu - Accounts), to and from which the syncing with the Murena cloud happens?

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No relation to the cloud I think.
In the Contacts app you can set “Default account for new contacts”. Usually folks will set it to Murena or Google or some other account.
Magic Earth for some reason only recognizes Device. It won’t bring up any accounts known to Contacts.

I tested Magic Earth on crDroid where I use an Etesync account but it didn’t show there either. Only “Saving to: Device”. It doesn’t offer any choices. Ideally it should have an account selector of some sort.


Well, after getting some sleep, when I woke up I had thoughts about this subject.
This doesn’t help the situation but I see what was missing. Magic Earth is not calling a new contact activity.

When adding a new contact from within Contacts or initiated from, say, an SMS app, you will be presented with a “Create new contact” window. In that window you get a drop-down selector to choose where to save the contact.

In Magic Earth, when choosing to save a contact we are presented with a “Edit contact” window. That’s a significant difference. When “editing” a contact one is not allowed to change “Saving to”.
Go into Contacts and choose to edit any existing entry, you will find that you cannot change the “Saving to”. So this means the behavior is normal.

The problem is Magic Earth bringing up the wrong activity (edit existing vs create new). Well, that’s one angle. Might be missing something else.


ME doesn’t have a public git, but it’s worth it to report the behaviour with your app and OS version strings

Sent feedback to them. Hopefully they confirm and can fix.

The Magic Earth people said they have fixed the issue. Next version of the app should be good. :crossed_fingers:


great you followed up with the developer. The smaller (commercial) publishers are responsive in my experience

Great! Thanks to you, that spared me the trouble to bugreport.

Glad to hear it will be fixed in a feature release which will hopefully land soon to /e/ OS.

New verston of the app is out. The Contacts issue has been fixed.

New version was being quite a problem. Unresponsive mostly. Figure it has so many new features maybe it was best to just clear cache and data.

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