Bug summary for each device

First I should thank the team for their exceptional work on /e/ OS !

Despite the progress made, we all know that “supported” doesn’t mean “fully working”. Hence my request :
Is there a place that summarizes all know bugs for each device ?

Context :

  • My friend has a FP3 and wants to move to /e/ OS. But she is not a nerd, and wants basic things to be working. In other words, she wants to take her decision knowing the possible consequences.
  • I had a S7 in the past. When I installed /e/ OS for the first time, I was not aware of the echo problem. I would have liked to know.

Possible solutions :

  • As a nerd, I could use Gitlab and filter by devices. But this is hard to find for most people.
  • Create a post for each device where everyone can add their issues to a list. They could vote and we will then be able to see if the problem is common or not.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

This feature does exist … but maybe not as nicely as you would like.

If I go via https://doc.e.foundation/devices to column 2 → https://doc.e.foundation/devices/herolte … I can scroll down that page to


Known Issue(s) 8 links to

Does it work for FP3 ?

yes … Known Issue(s) 57 links to

… hmmm … quite a list for your non nerd friend.


Thanks a lot for your answer !

It indeed solves a part of the problem.
The only feature missing is the frequency of the issue (affecting all devices or not).