BUG: Top-Of-Window controls stop working

I’m running /e/Solutions Teracube 2e, latest Android version available (although it did the same in the immediately-prior version, as well).

After running for awhile, I noticed that the controls at the top of an app don’t respond, nor do the controls at the top of any of the system windows…

That would be the ‘Back’ arrow and the ‘Hamburger’ menu on some apps.

It’s almost as if the top 1/2" of the screen stops working, but I can swipe down to pull down the menu with Airplane Mode / Mobile data / Hotspot / Wifi / Bluetooth / Sync / Location / NFC / Flashlight… the one with the brightness control at the top… and that all works fine.

Rebooting the phone restores functionality.

It’s got to be launcher-related. I switched from Bliss launcher to OpenLauncher (which I love, I’ve used it on three phones over the years), and the issue went away.

OpenLauncher has all the widgets, too. Just long-press on the background, and select ‘Widgets’.

Nope, it still occurs with OpenLauncher, it just takes a lot longer.

This started happening after I’d installed the AntennaPod podcast app, so it may be a memory leak in that app.

To me that sounds more like a hardware issue. No such issues here on the T2e with builds up to 1.1. But I guess I should install AntennaPod since I do use it on another device.
If you do believe a certain app is causing that issue then of course removing it will confirm.

Huh… well, I guess I should have tried this earlier, but I just found that when this problem occurs, turning off the screen, then turning it back on fixes it.

So… a graphics subsystem problem?

I got an update to AntennaPod this morning. The problem still occurs, but at least it’s a quick fix by turning off the screen, waiting a count or two, then turning the screen back on.