Bug with Mail app

Hi, I have noticed a problem with the built in email application “Mail”.
When adding gmail with oauth Mail will stop syncing with gmail within 24 hours.
You will have to add the same account again for it to sync and then it will stop syncing again within 24 hours.
I have installed K9 Mail to test of it has the same problem. Gmail works fine with oauth after many days using K9 Mail.
Mail works with gmail if I use an app password instead of oauth.


I have the same problem currently with 1.9.
The problem also occured also on 1.8.1.
Can’t tell if it happend before.

My phone: Fairphone 3+

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For some time now from time to time mail app started to synch the gmail address by itself for some seconds without me doing something.
The notifications would pup up in dozens.

Now for a week everything seems to work again.
I can receive and send mails.

I went from 1.7 over 1.8 to 1.9 and still had the problem. Now I changed nothing.

And again nothing sinced since the 1st of May.

I looked into the settings of “E-Mails abrufen”- / “Fetching mail”-catergory.
Back than I changed some, because I recieved double notifications, but that made no problems for half a year.

Now turned to “All” in “Poll Folders” and “Push folders” I again recieve my mails.
But with double notifications.

@goldcrest did you also changed something in the same category in the past?

Not that i remember.